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Connecting a School Bus to Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi in School Bus Network is a blessing for any traveling school children and those of us who are concerned with the safety of our children. The presence of a school bus network is the best way to guarantee that your child's online safety is well-protected. With a wireless connection, any laptop or netbook can connect to the Wi-Fi signal in order to surf the Internet without the need for costly mobile data cards or a hassle of cabling wires. By implementing Wifi on busses, you can rest assured that your child is in safe hands and will never be in any danger while on a school bus.

If you're wondering what exactly the Wi-Fi in School Bus Network is, then let me inform you that it is a software that runs on a school bus. In fact, it is no different than any other computer program that runs on a school bus, as long as the laptop has an Internet connection or data card. Once installed, this software monitors the wireless signal in the bus and connects to a remote server if one is available. Once there, the laptop will display a web browser and allow access from any location, even from the parking lot or a nearby coffee shop.

So, just how do you get your child a Wi-Fi connection while riding a school bus? The first step is to have your child's laptop prepackaged with the necessary software. Most reputable laptop stores will do this for free. You may also check with the IT department of your school bus company if they will pre-load the laptop with the software upon purchase or if they can recommend a vendor. Whatever route you take, make sure that your child's laptop has the latest version of Windows, as well as the most recent security updates and malware protection software. You can usually find that information by asking your school bus IT people.

Once you have the laptop on board, it is time to set up the wireless connection. Connect the laptop to its designated Wi-Fi hot spot (its name will be displayed on its screen) and follow the on-screen instructions. Usually you just hit the "scan" button to scan for networks; once the list is generated, all you need to do is select the one you want to connect to. If you are connecting multiple school buses, make sure that the same SSID is used to connect each one.

To make sure you are connecting the laptop to the right Wi-Fi hot spot, use the on-screen instructions to identify the network and its password. Remember, this is not a paid connection - you are simply downloading software which allows you to connect to Wi-Fi hotspots. You do not want to share your password with anyone! To ensure your child stays protected, only allow them to enter their personal details - birth date, address, cell phone, and so forth. It is very easy to steal laptops from the school bus and kids, so make sure they never have access to it.

You will find a number of schools that allow their students to connect to Wi-Fi using laptops. As long as the school bus is equipped with a laptop connection, students can stay connected without the inconvenience of walking or waiting for a PC to connect to a network. There is no need to run to the gym to connect when the Wi-Fi in a school bus is already available. Check it out here to find out more!

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